Sulphur 90%


NUTRA SULPH-90 is formulated in Water dispersible granule (WDG) which has 2-4 micron particle size of sulphur which allows quick dispersion in water and soil, gives faster and efficient sulphur uptake and therefore it requires very low application dose as compared to traditional Sulphur fertilizer NUTRA SULPH-90 is high nutrient use efficient Sulphur fertilizer, hence required very low application dose. Quick available of Sulphur to crop plants. Fit for application under various application methods viz. broadcasting, urea mix top dressing, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, soil drenching etc. NUTRA SULPH-90 is helps in soil pH reduction under saline and alkaline soils. NUTRA SULPH-90 is helps in improve uptakes and metabolizing of other nutrient like, N, P, K and Micronutrients. Increase oil content in oil seed crops. Resistance development in crops against pest’s disease. NUTRA SULPH-90 is available in the pack sizes of 5kg, 15kg, and 30kg.