Bentonite Sulphur 90%

NUTRA SULPH is a new age fertilizer containing 90% Elemental Sulphur and 10% Bentonite clay. NUTRA SULPH is available in a new pastille form to help in easy and safe application of Sulphur to the field, to provide this much-needed nutrient. Contains maximum percentage of Sulphur in elemental form (90%). NUTRA SULPH helps in chlorophyll formation, protein synthesis and energy release process in plants. NUTRA SULPH is released in a slow and controlled manner thereby reducing wastage and ensuring maximum availability to the crop over a longer duration. NUTRA SULPH helps in better utilization of other NPK fertilizers by the crop. NUTRA SULPH helps in bringing down soil pH, thereby helps in bringing down alkalinity problem in saline / calcareous soils. NUTRA SULPH is available in the pack sizes of 10kg and 25kg. .