Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl 9.3%EC

SWIPE SUPER is very flexible as far as time of application is concerned. SWIPE SUPER gives a high level of control against most annual grassy weeds from the two-leaf to mid-tillering stage at low dosages. SWIPE SUPER is a versatile herbicide and can be used in all important broadleaved crops. SWIPE SUPER has a wide spectrum of activity and controls most of the important grassy weeds. SWIPE SUPER is taken up via the green plant tissues of the weed and not via the roots. SWIPE SUPER thus works independently of soil type. SWIPE SUPER is rapidly broken down in the soil there is no possibility of damage to either mono or dicotyledonous crops grown in the following season. SWIPE SUPER is available in the pack sizes of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr. .